Hollywood Smile

Your smile is your first impression you’ve noticed after you meet someone, and it’s also first moves that affect your social life the opposite side. Smile isn’t only about the lips, but also about the teeth and gums behind it, including the jaw line. Smile design focuses on improving the appearance of your face by giving it a totally new look. In recent years, Hollywood stars have begun to attract attention with their extraordinarily beautiful and expressive smiles and as a result, the term “Hollywood Smile” has emerged. Hollywood smile treatment is carried out successfully for many years in Turkey.

Before & After


Since smile affect a person’s face character directly, they should be designed specifically for each patient to achieve a Hollywood Smile. During the aesthetic teeth design, these points are very important :

  • The frontal teeth position.
  • The size of teeth.
  • The persons face shape,
  • The color and shape of teeth.
  • The gum appearance.
  • The skin color and the lips

The Used Materials In Hollywood Smile


Porcelain Crown

It is a strong material made of this porcelain.This long-lasting material gives a natural appearance for teeth and it’s anti-smudge. Especially on the implant, the porcelain crown is the most recommended type of coating.


Zirconium Crown

Zirconium teeth are the most effective quality products that have reached until today in terms of aesthetics, durability, tissue compatibility and natural view which are the essential requirements of dentistry.The enamel of healthy teeth completely passes the sunshine. Metals which are the substructures of classical porcelain crowns create an opaque image within your teeth. This makes your teeth appear lifeless and artificial. This situation prevented by zirconium crown.


Laminate Veneers

We see it very often especially in famous people, but we cannot help ask ourselves “how all of them have such a shining teeth”. It is the method that is made by thinning only the front faces of 0.3-0.7 mm without cutting the teeth and the tooth tissue is at least lost. Then, the lamination of the veneers is performed. In addition to their aesthetic properties, the laminates are highly durable, long-lasting and powerful. during this case, they’re a perfect helper to eliminate minor problems in your natural tooth. they’re mainly used for the restoration of the teeth within the anterior region.

Good Effects Of Smiling In Life

Beautiful smiles and healthy gums give positive effects on people’s life. People appear not only young and charming but also self-confident. It means a nice “smile” can change your social life. Self-confidence, communication with the environment is increasing, and that brings success in work life. The person that We Meet in daily life immediately focuses on the person’s teeth. Smile design is to renew your smile by applying dentistry and art together. Nothing can express the personality, energy, and self-confidence of a person as much as a healthy and excellent smile. Your smile is your appearance. Nowadays, dentists design your smile according to your own features such as face shape and tooth shape.


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