Gastric Sleeve (Surgical)

Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is an obesity reduction procedure that aims to minimize the size of the stomach. Obesity leads people to contrary psychological statues and also effecting their social life that will lead to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, especially after trying multiple diets and result in failure.

Luckily, due to the advancement of the technologies that are being used in the Bariatric operations, Operation became more reliable, and the recovery periods more rapid.

Magiclinic provides a well-rounded team of doctors with years of experience in the Bariatric surgeries field that will provide you with quality and professional medical treatment.

Gastric Sleeve Before & After

Magiclinic general surgery doctors have in-depth knowledge of anatomy, and years of experience within the bariatric surgery. For this reason, you can get the most successful results in our clinic.

When To Do Gastric Sleeve ?

Multiple problems are solved by Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery.

Over-weight is one of the significant factors that will lead people to do Sleeve Gastrectomy due to their fear of developing diseases caused by obesity like High blood pressure and diabetes also, the backache and bone deviation caused by the high pressure on those areas. 

Psychological reasons also are significant factors because people with obesity tend to avoid social events, and this will result in low self-esteem and depression.

Also, people with high BMI rates tend to have Sleeve Gastrectomy.

BMI(Body Mass Index) from 35 to 39.9 (obesity), 40 or higher (extreme obesity).

You should tell your doctor about the medicines you use regularly.

By following the doctor’s instructions, you will speed up the healing process.


What You Should Do Before Gastric Sleeve

Like all plastic surgeries, the are some guidelines that should be followed by the patients to ensure the best results after the operation. Here are some instructions that should be considered:

  • Any medication consumed should be informed to the doctors.
  • Any chronic illness should be informed to the doctors.
  • If the patient smoke or drinks alcohol should be stopped before two weeks of the operation.
  • Any allergies from any medical products should be known.
  • Stop using Aspirin, painkillers, herbal supplements, vitamins, for two weeks before the operation.
  • And all the examinations regarding the Sleeve Gastrectomy operation will be conducted by the doctors to ensure patient health.

During Gastric Sleeve Surgery

During Sleeve Gastrectomy procedures, the patient will be under general anesthesia. It’s done by inserting medical instruments in the upper abdomen area through a small incision laparoscopically. Then 70% of the stomach will be removed. This procedure will limit the amount of food you are able to consume. This drastically will help to achieve a sufficient weight -loss diet. Sleeve Gastrectomy takes about one to two hours. The patient must stay in the hospital for two nights after the operation for medical observation.


After Gastric Sleeve

Here are some important instructions that should be followed after Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery:

  • Magiclinic will provide you with a diet specialized for Bariatric procedures. This diet should be followed to ensure the best result after the operation.
  • The first 7 seven days after the operation, your diet will consist of sugar-free and noncarbonated products.
  • Then, in the next three weeks, your diet will consist of pureed food then gradually will go back to regular eating after the fourth week.
  • You should take the medications prescribed by the doctors on the regular and specified times.
  • Heavy sports activities should be avoided in the first month of the operation.
    Smoking and alcohol should be avoided.

Note: There will be some swelling and tangling feelings after the operation, and It is a reasonable outcome, and you will be provided with the painkillers, and it will fade away during the first days after the procedure.


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